Homo Prospectus Reviews Seligman

Homo Prospectus Reviews Seligman

Homo Prospectus Reviews Seligman: Our species is misnamed. Though sapiens defines human beings as “wise” what humans do especially well is to prospect the future. We are homo prospectus. In this book, Martin E. P. Seligman, Peter Railton, Roy F. Baumeister, and Chandra Sripada argue it is anticipating and evaluating future possibilities for the guidance of thought and action that is the cornerstone of human success.

Homo Prospectus Reviews Seligman

Much of the history of psychology has been dominated by a framework in which people’s behavior is driven by past history (memory) and present circumstances (perception and motivation). Homo Prospectus reassesses this idea, pushing focus to the future front and center and opening discussion of a new field of Psychology and Neuroscience.

The authors delve into four modes in which prospection operates: the implicit mind, deliberate thought, mind-wandering, and collective (social) imagination. They then explore prospection’s role in some of life’s most enduring questions: Why do people think about the future? Do we have free will? What is the nature of intuition, and how might it function in ethics? How does emotion function in human psychology? Is there a common causal process in different psychopathologies? Does our creativity change with age?

Homo Prospectus Reviews Seligman

In this remarkable convergence of research in philosophy, statistics, decision theory, psychology, and neuroscience, Homo Prospectus shows how human prospection fundamentally reshapes our understanding of key cognitive processes, thereby improving individual and social functioning. It aims to galvanize interest in this new science from scholars in psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy, as well as an educated public curious about what makes humanity what it is.

Homo Prospectus Reviews Seligman

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Kevin J. Lovell

September 12, 2017

I very in often write a review but this book was simply amazing. A little technical and cutting edge yet helps to make sense of the reality around us. Rather than looking behind, the universal impulse is more or less about what is to come. Our emotions are the barometers we what comes next. Brilliant!!!!
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Gilbert Brenson-Lazan

March 4, 2018

Marty never ceases to amaze me with the constant updating of his models. This is yet another of his epic publications.
William G. Niver

July 17, 2016

Homo prospectus is a very interesting book and idea. It is co-authored and moves well across disciplines of neuroscience, psychology and philosophy. The construct of prospective thought can also be found in a earlier work by Jaak Panksepp & Lucy Biven (2013) in the primary concept of “expectancy seeking”, a construct that is also similar to intuition and part of the primary process emotional system. In short we have now entered and age where top-down and bottom-up processing is a critical interest to the social neurosciences and to social psychologists and philosophers. The least interesting parts of the book for me included the thought experiments on making choices during crisis situations. Otherwise I think giving expectancy thinking or prospection and entire study and using healthy prospection as a way to understand health in relation to issues like depression and anxiety (I would have added schizophrenia in this mix as well and at least raising the issue of transdiagnostic processes is also valuable as well as the last chapter which attempts to ferret out how the wisdom of age stacks about against the creativity of
youth, a worth while exercise.
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Caren Baruch-Feldman

August 4, 2016

In this book, Martin E. P. Seligman, Peter Railton, Roy F. Baumeister, and Chandra Sripada successfully demonstrate that considering future possibilities is essential for human success. A MUST READ!
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